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Water and Diesel Tank Gauges and Indicators

  Dual water or top-up systems for rainwater tanks   Long Range Wireless Water Tank Level Monitors
Level indicators for diesel tanks   Data logging tank water levels to a computer
  Maintain levels in tank by controlling pumps or valves   Level indicators for underground water tanks
  4-20mA water level transducers - C-BUS READY
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  Level Alarm systems for sewage, septic and liquid tanks

Level indicators for underground tanks
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Glue in Level Sensor for Sodium Hypochlorite
Sodium Hypochlorite Level Sensor

Down Load Sensor Brochure


The CG420 series of 4-20mA pressure transducers are a cost effective and robust solution designed to be glued into UPVC or CPVC pipe fittings using the appropriate solvent cement and methods. It is suitable for use with chemicals such as Sodium Hypochlorite, Sulfuric and Hydrochloric acid. It may be used with any other chemicals that are compatible with its wetting materials which are UPVC/CPVC, Viton and Aluminum Oxide. Different choice of seals are available for other chemicals. The CG420-0.5VPU is suitable for pressure application of 0.5 bar. 1 and 10 bar options are available.
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Wireless Float Switch Kits   

Three wireless float switch kits are available, suitable for wireless control of pumps or valves from a remote float switch transmitter. Level alarm or Pump Up/Pump Down can be configured. Wireless range of 14Km which can be extended using repeater stations.(ANG90 and AN6000RX)
Download ANG30 Wireless Float Switch Brochure
ANG30 Wireless Float Switch
ANG90 Wireless Float Switch
AN6000RX Remote Wireless Pump Control and Level Gauge

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  Wireless Water Tank Level Indicator
Range Options: 7Km and 14Km
Suitable for above and underground tanks
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  AN5000B Wireless Level Indicator

The AN5000L series wireless level indicator is suitable for above and underground tanks. There are 3 wireless ranges to choose from:
300m, 7Km and 14Km line of sight. These ranges can be extended using repeater stations. The transmitter at the tank has its own local level indicator.

  How does the AQUAMETA gauge work ?
  Which wireless level indicator is right for me ?


  AN4000 Electronic Level Indicator for underground and above ground tanks
*Now available for depth levels to 10m
AN4000 Level Indicator AN4000 Level Gauge installed in underground tank % Reading in AN4000 Gauge
  The electronic AN4000 is ideal for use with underground water tanks. Click here for more information on AN4000 water level meter.
Float Based Tank Level Indicators
(Fire resistant option now available)
Dipstick Water Level Indicator Levetator Water level indicator Liquidator Wate Level Indicatior

We stock a range of mechanical float based tank level indicators that display levels above or on the side of the tanks.   These indicators are suitable for installation on rainwater tanks as well as potable water and chemical  tanks. Fire resistant option now available for fire services water tanks.
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4-20mA Water Level Sensor Download AQUAMETA Brochure

4-20mA sensor

The CR420-0.5NPU series of water level sensor are a cost effective and reliable solution designed for continuous water level measurement where a 4-20mA output is required. Ideal of implementing water level display in Home automation systems such as C-Bus and Building Management Systems (BMS). . More..

4-20mA Level Sensor for Salt and Chlorinated Water Download AQUAMETA Brochure

4-20mA sensor

The CR420-0.5VPU series of hydrostatic level sensors is suitable for monitoring levels in salt and chlorinated water tanks. Ideal for monitoring levels in swimming pools. . More..



Electronic and Mechanical Level Indicators for Fire Fighting Tanks (Above and Underground Tanks)

Fire Fighting Tank  

We stock a range of mechanical and electronic level indicators and gauges suitable for use on fire-fighting water tanks. All the external components of our mechanical level indicators are manufactured of metal and are fire resistant.
For fire fighting tanks that are located in basements or are underground where mechanical indicators cannot be fitted, our electronic gauges may be used.

Download the Fire Storage Tank Level Indicators and Control Systems Brochure

Indicator down the side of Fire-Fighting Tank Electronic Indicator For Underground Fire Fighting Storage Tank

Wireless Level Alarm Systems for Sewage, Septic and Water Tanks

Wireless Level Alarm Receiver
Wireless Level Alarm Transmitter
  The ANG40 wireless level alarm kit is suitable for applications where a remote float switch is required to monitor liquid levels. The system can be configured to monitor a high or low level alarm condition.
The range of the wireless link is 1.6 km* line of sight (3km with larger antenna option).  

The ANG28 transmitter uses a narrow angle float switch to monitor the level of the liquid and will control the Level Alarm in the ANG36 via a wireless link.  

The communication link between the ANG28 and the ANG36 is monitored by a heart beat signal transmitted from the ANG28.  In the event that the heart beat signal is disrupted, the ANG36 will activate the Remote Fault flashing Led. At the same time, the buzzer will emit a beeping signal.

The buzzer can be muted using the switch at the bottom of the ANG36.  

All communication between the ANG28 and the ANG39 is 128-bit AES encrypted which ensures a very high level of system security. This encryption makes it extremely difficult for a 3rd party to interfere with the wireless link.


Wireless Level Alarm Kit
Download the Wireless Level Alarm User Manual

Wired Level Alarm Systems

Sewage Tank
Underground Sewage Tank

Indoor/outdoor level alarm system monitors liquid level conditions in lift pump chambers, sump pump basins, holding tanks, sewage, agricultural, and other non-potable water applications. The alarm horn sounds and the red beacon illuminates when a potentially threatening liquid level condition occurs. A power on light on the switch indicates power to the alarm panel.  The level alarm system will also automatically reset after an a level alarm

  Level Alarm System for Sewage and Septic Tanks

Level Indicators and Gauges for Diesel and Oil Storage Tanks

Electronic and Mechanical Level Indicators
Diesel Tanks Horizontal
Diesel Tanks Vertical

Anadex Labs has released new electronic 4-20mA hydrostatic level probes for use in diesel tanks.
The Aquameta AN4000 indicators can now be supplied with custom level probes suitable for use in diesel tanks.
The level display can be ordered with a face plate suitable for regular shaped tanks or may be supplied with the face plate calibrated for use in cylindrical tanks in the horizontal plane.
We also stock a range of mechanical level indicators that will show the level on the side of the diesel tank.


Hydrostatic level probe for Diesel Electronic Level Gauge for diesel tanks
Dual Water Top-Up for Rainwater Tanks   High flow rate dual level float valve
RainAid Top-Up System
RainAid Installation in water tank

RainAid is a float based dual water system and is used to top up rainwater tanks from mains supply. The system does not require any electrical power. The weighted float can be set at any height and used as a full flow or trickle feed system. RainAid is WaterMark approved so it can be used in any potable water storage application.
RainAid can be used in conjunction with any of our range of level indicators or gauges.
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High Flow Dual Level Float Valve

Ideal for large pump fed tanks. Delivers flow rates up to 500 Liters per minute at 300kPa.  Accommodates up to 270mm change in level before activating, minimizing pump overload and saving on running costs.
This dual valve with its lightweight construction makes it ideal for plastic walled tanks.
Full flow ensures fast and efficient fill rate. It features a dual level adjustable setting that allows multiple draw-off before activating the pump.
The draw-off is adjustable from 65mm to 270mm.

Click here for more information on this Dual Level Float Valve

Float Switches For Water Pumps and Control Signals

Pump and Control Float Switches

We stock a wide range of high quality float switches. The range includes float switches suitable for directly switching pumps and valves as well as float switches suitable for providing control signals to PLC's, relays and control panels.

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How to select the right type of float switch


How does the AQUAMETA work ?
AQUAMETA uses a differential pressure sensor,  suspended into the water tank. This pressure sensor measures the depth of water in the water tank. The deeper the water, the higher the pressure reading.
This pressure sensor is connected to the wall mounted AQUAMETA AN5000 Tank Unit. At time of installation the Tank Unit is calibrated using a meter in the Tank Unit so that it knows the maximum water depth to monitor. Using this technique ensures that a reading, accurate to within a couple of mm, can be achieved.  When measuring the level of water in the tank, the Tank Unit takes a pressure reading.  This pressure reading is converted and compared to the maximum depth.  A % reading is calculated and then transmitted to the AQUAMETA display unit which can be located at a remote location. The water level is displayed on a 10 element LED bar graph.


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