Hydrostatic Level Sensors
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Hydrostatic Level Sensors and Probes

  Royce Water Technologies manufactures a range of hydrostatic level sensor and probes suitable for use in a range liquids ranging from water to very harsh chemicals.

Please contact Royce Water Technologies  to discuss your specific requirements.

All CR series level sensor and probes use an Aluminum Oxide pressure sensing diaphragm
All PT series level sensors use a PTFE coated pressure sensing diaphragm
Water Note: The AN420 series has bee superseded by the CR420 series.

                    PDF Downloads

  CR420-NPU Series CR420-0.5NPU.pdf    
Salt and Chlorinated Water      
hydrostatic level probe seawater   CR420-VPU Series CR420-0.5VPU.pdf    
Diesel and Oils Note: The AN420 series will be superseded by the CR420 series.    
hydrostatic level probe diesel   CR420-VFA Series CR420-0.5VFA.pdf    
Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach)      
hydrostatic level sensor glue in sodium hypochlorite   CG420-VPU Glue in Series CG420-0.5VPU.pdf       
hydrostatic level sensor glue in sodium hypochlorite   PG420-VFU Glue in Series    PG420-0.5VFU.pdf    
hydrostatic level probe sodium hypochlorite   CR420-VPU Series CR420-0.5VPU    
hydrostatic level probe sodium hypochlorite   PT420-VFU Series PT420-0.5VFU.pdf  
Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda)      
hydroststic level probe sodium hydroxide   PT420-EFE Series PT420-0.5EFE.pdf  
hydrostatic level probe hydrochloric acid   Hydrochloric Acid   CR420-0.5VFU.pdf  
hydrostatic level probe sulfuric acid   Sulfuric  Acid CR420-0.5VFU.pfd    
hydrostatic level probe nitric acid   Nitric Acid PT420-0.5VFD.pdf  
Diethylene Glycol Butyl Ether (Fire Fighting Foams)      
hydrostatic level probe fire fighting foams   CR420-EFE Series CR420-0.5EFE.pdf    


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